Managed Private Cloud

for your business


Private Cloud

for your business


  • Support OpenStack API
  • Hosted on-site at your own data center or at any service
    provider’s data center
  • Customize the dedicated compute, storage layers and isolated
    networking components to best suit your needs.
  • Gain performance advantages and enhanced security over
    public cloud.

Build your own portal

We can customize NCP to fit your business by building portal of your own.


Interoperability (Hybrid cloud)

With OpenStack software, it provides your private cloud not only flexibility and control but also interoperability which will open up opportunities and possibilities to work with many clouds including new innovations.


Cost Effective

For Opex (Operating Expense) it seems that this is the least expensive way to move all your IT to public cloud such as AWS, GCP or Azure because we don’t need to buy hardware or pay for electricity, or even hire IT staff to manage it.
It may not be as simple as you think.

In some situations Opex (using public cloud) is the less expensive but in lots of situations Capex (Capital Expense) is less costly to bring your workloads on-prem with an NCP+OpenStack deployment. With NIPA Managed Private cloud we can help you design the most cost-effective model for your business by our cloud specialist team.

Certified Specialists

Cloud strategy/consulting team with OpenStack expertise is certified by
OpenStack Foundation, Redhat, Mirantis and Kubernetes.