Private Cloud : No vendor lock-in

Low cost, High Efficiency, Fully Support

Unlocked Infrastructure with OpenStack Private Cloud

We build web-scale cloud using 100% open source technologies : OpenStack and Kubernetes.
We are the experts in OpenStack with Certified Engineers and Operation Team.

We have the most experienced team to building web-scale production cloud.


– Detailed Architecture Design
– Roadmap and Metrics for Digital Transformation
– POC Design and Implementation


– Cloud Deployment Service
– Storage Design Service
– CI/CD Toolchain Build
– NFV Design


– Cloud Operations Transferred
– Training and Hands-on Teaching
– Private Cloud Adoption Roadmap

Benefit of a Private Cloud Implementation

The benefits of a private cloud are undeniable; you have direct control over all aspects of the clouds implementation including the hardware, the networking, the operating system, the way security is implemented and even the APIs used. The cost, ease of operation and management automation, and easy scalability are all considered advantages to private cloud as well. Locality and security also set private clouds apart from the traditional public cloud. You are hosting your own cloud infrastructure on a private LAN with no connections externally, so other people cannot access your data. You still physically have possession over your own data which is comforting to a lot of organizations with highly sensitive information.