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What is it ?

NIPA Cloud provides secure and powerful instances to support your workloads and applications. Instance machine types consist of a combination of CPU, memory, and network capabilities. We allow users to select the best resources mixed for their applications and resizable resources to meet their requirements and workloads.

High Computing Power

High Computing Power

NIPA Cloud Space selects 2nd Gen AMD EPYC (ROME) Processors with large L3 cache and 3200Mhz DDR 4 RAM for low latency access of data. AMD EPYC™ Processors are built for the high security that can prevent today’s cyber attacks. AMD Infinity Guard delivers a set of modern security features that help protect sensitive data, avoid downtime, and reduce resource drain. As a result, you can be confident in our instance's high performance and security.

Dedicated CPU Thread for
Exclusive Scenarios

The dedicated CPU thread provides a superb performance for applications that require stable computing performance. Users can use the processor at full efficiency as the world-class cloud.

Secure and Reliable Instances

Our instances are highly secure and reliable, being ready for any deployment with a SLA 99.99%. It is built on data centers that comply with global standards. For example, ISO/IEC 27001:2013 for data security and ISO/IEC 29110-4-1:2018 for project management systems and software development operations. With all the global standards certified, we ensure that your data is safe and secure.

More machine types available

All Purpose

General purpose instance provides a popular machine type with the balance of computing, memory, and network resources with 100% dedicated CPU Thread and 4GB of memory for each vCPU. This is suitable for medium and heavy load applications such as web servers, e-commerce sites and general databases.

All Shared-Core

Development instance provides an instance with the shared CPU thread at a reasonable price . This is designed for non-production and low traffic applications such as dev/test servers, low traffic web servers, blogs, small database and repository storage.
The All Shared-Core type cannot be used by Windows instance (both launching and resizing)

Compute Optimized

Compute Optimized instance provides a high-performance processor with 100% dedicated CPU Thread and 2GB of memory for each vCPU. This is designed for CPU-intensive applications such as high-performance web server, batch processing, machine learning, deep learning, video encoding, or active front-end web servers.

New design for
better experience

User Interface has been redesigned to be more modern and user-friendly based on our user research.

Instance Detail

Instance Detail

NIPA Cloud allows users to manage their instances as needed, whether it is increasing or reducing the size of the instance. We provide a dashboard page that shows the status and data history, and notifies the various events that occur on the user's instances.



The portal page has been redesigned to be more stylish and user-friendly. The new design are based on the user research done by our dedicated team of UX/UI experts in order to deliver the best experience for our users.

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